Creationism or evolution

The debate between creationism v. evolution is all about who is responsible for the mess that the planet is in right now? What convoluted logic would allow for mankind to forge ahead of other species and become the dominant one? After all, one look at the people we elect to power, mind you, elect to power, will reveal the inherent lack of intelligence in allowing man to rise this fast and this quick.


I suspect that once you see this in perspective, the believers will argue for evolution not wanting to blame God for this mess and the non believers will perhaps…. continue to give evolution the credit. Between the theists and the atheists I have found more integrity among the latter than in the former. So I would like to assume that they will take responsibility for evolution even if its product is messed up.


Creationism or evolution? It doesn’t matter really. Lets assume its evolution for the sake of argument. I have a condition that is the product of some idiotic ancestor of mine deciding to stand up on his two feet when the human body was clearly not ready for it. Despite the lapse of several thousands of years since that one poor judgement call, my back punishes me for my ancestor’s karma. The cure is apparently another twenty thousand years away when the human body finally figures out a solution. But I wonder what other errors of judgement I will make in this time posing more challenges to my descendants? For example will I decide to reproduce in space resulting in my child being born with a tail to navigate zero gravity? It may sound far fetched. But the crazier an act is likely to be, the more likely it is for a human being to do it.


Now let us assume it was creationism? What kind of an angry and spiteful being would inflict such poor sense into the aforesaid ancestor of mine resulting in punishment for thousands of generation? And is there any cure at all? Does the cure depend upon me pandering to the lord’s merciful and all powerful spirit? If so how long must I prostrate, with my back condition that too, to convince the good lord above to take mercy upon me? I suspect, with the quality of my faith, that this method would take longer than the next twenty thousand years.


The summary of the debate simply is this- creationism or evolution, the outcome of it is disappointing and reveals incompetence. The focus must be on solutions. That to me has just one answer- the people of this world must stop reproducing. Of all the things mankind did wrong, the one thing he did get right is birth control. I am sure creationists would be happy to give the evolutionists the credit for birth control. So let us pay our tribute to our maker, whoever it may be, by defying their wishes and simply stop reproducing. For every child we don’t bring to this world, we give ourselves and our planet a fighting chance to survive.


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2 thoughts on “Creationism or evolution

  1. I am sure the creationists blame evolutionists – aka the secular world for birth control. Ad they oppose it almost universally it seems. We seem to be on the same basic page with some subtle differences – perhaps due to our age difference.

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