How to argue…. or not to argue like sunshine


I know I promised a blog about nothing. I intend to honour. This post is about me and therefore about nothing.

Call it a bad habit, but sometimes I can’t help this compulsive behavior on my part. Rest assured though, I fully intend to seek professional help for this compulsive need to express my knowledge and experience through the medium of writing. Without further due, allow me to get to the point.

So, I made the mistake of expressing an opinion about a serious issue, death penalty for rapists. While previously, I would torment only my friends on facebook with such useless thoughts, lately I have felt the need to provoke the larger world out there by making such posts public.

One particularly kind lady countered my anti death penalty stand by suggesting that leaving rapists alive would contribute to them victimising more women. So my bad habit kicked in and I cited the experience of the FBI whose study of serial sex offenders fine tuned investigation and prosecution tools improving the speed and efficiency of apprehending suspects and convicting them.

Now I consider myself a good debater, being a lawyer and all. But this time, I confess, I got owned. The said kind lady responded to my citations and arguments with a single line that literally “trumped” (pun intended) my point, “Don’t talk political bullshit to me sunshine”. As I crawled into my ego’s metaphorical bed to lick my mental wounds and cry like a child, I was consumed by the singular need to talk about my background and experience in assisting law enforcement with investigation and prosecution of sexual offences. But then it hit me, I am a speck of dust in the kind lady’s… actually in anybody’s world. Of what use or worth am I or my supposed wisdom?

So I did what any sane self respecting individual would do under the circumstance, I simply acknowledged her excellent come back, thanked her for helping me remember maternal love by calling me “sunshine” and picked up the number of my therapist who I intend to call to help me with my compulsive need to write about stuff like the death penalty.

Its a different world ladies and gentleman and to not reason is to survive 🙂


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