History, the rascal


Allow me to begin my expressing how good it feels to write for the LBC again. I found that with my character and virtue being loose and all, my perspectives would be relevant to the loose blogger’s consortium, whose members are, unlike myself, virtuous enough to invite me into the fold.


History and me, until recently had a nice and intimate relationship. What I lacked in math and chemistry, I made it up with a flair for history. Its of course another thing, that more than my bad scores in mathematics, my good scores in history was the cause of shame in my circles 😝 Never the less, during my teenage years, I spent countless hours reading articles on various historical subjects on Wikipedia. Be it stories of Shivaji or Emperor Ashoka- it kept my focus away from the culture of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes in high school and instilled values (which I now find are as impractical as they are addictive). But history has evolved now, hasn’t she.


History has now become a politician. You will see History making an argument that hindus must rise to fight the jihadist-marxist-communist conspiracy. You will see History making inflammatory speeches in Andhra Pradesh about how Muslims in India would be able to crush the Hindu majority in a span of hours. History has joined hands with the radical to become the drug that induces intoxication in people, distracting them from the vision for the future. Where once history refrained from taking sides, from passing judgement and from provoking people towards violence, distrust and conflict; now she is neither impartial nor dispassionate. From being a medium to document human history objectively, she has become a mischief monger.


So how do we remind history of its proper place in our world? Is it even possible? For that the jihadist, Marxist, the communist and the Hindu must actually sit together and conspire over a cup of tea and ensure History ceases to intervene in our present and in our vision and design for our future. If we cannot detach ourselves from the experiences of our ancestors, then we are doomed to come in our own way while we walk the path to progress. History tells me, we are not capable of such smarts. I am waiting to see us prove otherwise.


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4 thoughts on “History, the rascal

  1. Welcome back to the LBC.

    What is YOUR idea of history’s proper place in the world? I personally find history as a pastime occupation not worth the money I would have earned had I not spent that much time reading history. It is another matter that now that I am retired, I can afford to read history to my heart’s content but it is a strictly for personal consumption affair. For instance, I wouldn’t be able to sway you or people of your age to my way of thinking on Indian history because I am too archaic!

    1. I couldn’t agree more with your finding on history. But for some reason, mankind has grown excessively attached to the past, more so emotionally than dispassionately.

  2. I disagree with your premise that history used to be “accurate” – it hs always been written by the winners and so spun to satisfy their notions. But this was a fun read and welcome back.

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