The Self Esteem Consequence

As I browsed through my friend, Ramana sir’s post on “Self Esteem”, the line that caught my attention was how him being chosen as a spouse by an equally if not a more admirable woman gave a shot in the arm to his self esteem. Besides exemplifying the ideal kind of respect that should exist between a man and a woman, in a romance, it also reflected his love for his better half. That to me, is proof of heart, in a world which often makes us wonder if there is a pandemic of heartlessness.


Having said that, I should probably venture into my own life for the moment. I have had the pleasure of knowing some of the finest women. While the youngest one is 6 months old, the oldest one must by around my age, viz., sixties 😛 Jokes apart, these women consist of women of all ages. But for the purpose of this discussion, I venture into the ones I know in their young adult phase. Since the time I turned 18, I have enjoyed the company of several female compatriots around my age. With a select few, there was considerable amount of attraction and chemistry, some of which were reciprocated and some of which weren’t. But never the less, they are all deeply admirable women who I have grown very fond and respect immensely.


And everytime I realise that a woman of such phenomenal calibre, has grown fond of me, as a friend or even more, they do more than just being kind to me. They vindicate the values and ethos that I have tried to be honest to and hold dear. Perhaps the reason why I cannot work towards forming a communion with such a woman, remains, among other things, my confusions and uncertainties as regards my priorities. That being said, every one of these women have honoured me and made me blush, with who they are and with the kind of rapport we have come to share.


A woman with strong self esteem, confidence and an independent spirit is to be celebrated. A relationship, no matter, of what kind, friendship or more, with such women is a reward in its own right. While an arrogant selfishness and fear of commitment (no matter how undemanding) prevents me from initiating any kind of journey (dating, committed relationship or marriage) towards the communion advocated by David Deida, I have experienced a semblance of the “shot in the arm” that Ramana sir has discussed in the aforesaid post. So while I wait to grow sick of my own company and selfishness and for its consequences to take a toll on me, let me just say that the world has hope so long as its oppression continues to face the defiance of those, who are the targets of its onslaught 🙂 Good day!

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2 thoughts on “The Self Esteem Consequence

  1. Interesting commentary. It strikes me after reading this that your self esteem is somewhat low however – and I am curious as to why that is. it would seem a self-confident man would only attract women of a similar ilk when looking for a serious relationship. Perhaps I am just misunderstanding something.

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