Much Ado about Nothing

I think the statement applies very well to me. From time immemorial, I have perhaps over thought and over analysed things. Often times, statements bothered me immensely although the author of such statements remained perfectly oblivious to the impact of their words.


I think for the larger part of the 25 years I have been here, I too perhaps grappled with a misplaced sense of self importance. I have attached way too much weight to my own actions, thoughts and impact on people, more than what is necessary. It is also a byproduct of empathy to some extent, when I put myself in those of the other person in the receiving end and feel that I owed them a better side of me.


The lessons I have learnt are no less valuable. The weight we attached to the skepticism around us, is merely a reflection of our inherent self limiting beliefs. The challenge is not to counteract the skepticism outside, but the skepticism within. It is because the skeptics make you feel conscious of your self limiting beliefs, that we get so angry or stressed. It is not about what has happened or what someone says or does, but it is the perspective with which these external stimuli is viewed that matters. I can confidently say that almost a decade after some of the most hurtful episodes in my childhood, I am able to finally laugh at them. Better late than never.


Secondly, people are stronger and more capable than we give them credit for. While we are busy grappling with the guilt of perhaps doing wrong by them, they have gathered the courage and the self respect needed to move forward. Sometimes the ones we have put down, either intentionally or unintentionally, have gotten up faster than the speed with which our self esteem overcomes our guilt. But don’t be jealous or spiteful of their resilience. Rather, we need to respect them for that, because, one resilience is an intensely admirable trait. Two, they have also taught us to not take ourselves too seriously. After all none of us are that important to devastate others.


So here I am making much ado about the topic of much ado about nothing. Poor jokes apart, the best way to live life is one that recognizes realities and moves away from being part of the drama, to viewing it as an engaged audience member. The sooner one gets around to that, the better it is.

This post is part of my writing endeavour as a member of the loose blogger’s consortium. The other bloggers are as under. Give them a visit, they are bunch of hell raisers you wouldn’t want to miss 😉 RummusergaelikaaMaxi, and Shackman


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