Unwritten Social Agreements

Respond to a thank you with a “you are welcome”. If not, at least acknowledge the thank you. Say things like good morning and hello to those you have to interact with, be it the morning milk vendor or the attendant at the petrol bunk. For heaven’s sake, smile at those who you meet indicating some sort of pleasantry.


Courtesy is dead in the world I live in. Everybody and everything people do is taken for granted. There are such rare instances, when I find a motorist on the road acknowledging me when I give him way, or when I stop the car to let the pedestrians cross. I do what I do, notwithstanding this lack of courtesy or acknowledgement, because in my mind it is an absolute obligation I owe to my fellow individuals. Plus, with that little bit of pleasantness I show, I hope that the other person takes it forward and distributes it among the individuals he has to meet.


One of the things that stands out about my experience as a lawyer, is the wisdom and maturity its practitioners earn. No matter how aggressively we pursue our client’s cases, we remain respectful of each other. One of the rare privileges of being in practice, is that ever so rarely, we chance upon the rare breed of “Gentleman” attorney, one who is unwavering in his adherence to professional ethics, spirit of law and a basic sense of fairness. Some of my most pleasant experiences arguing cases in court, have been against such lawyers, not just for their sense of fairness but also because of the professional acumen which they bring to the table. Many times, such encounters make the difference between a dull day and an extraordinary day.


It is however proving to be rather challenging to impress upon the next generation of lawyers, that one ought to emulate such ideals rather than resorting to dirty underhanded tactics. Somehow, the lack of courtesy and “gentlemanly” behavior, has become fashionable, with those of us who still believe in it, being branded as outdated and obsolete dinosaurs. Quite as to what led to this evolution, I am yet to become aware of. I can’t get people to change, but perhaps we should all sign an unwritten agreement where we undertake to not perceive courtesy as a sign of weakness. Good day!

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4 thoughts on “Unwritten Social Agreements

  1. Be just the old fashioned type that you are. It pays dividends in the long run whereas the wham bam let us run style of today may get one things in a jiffy but gets no marks for character. The former will have me for a friend for you whereas the latter will not.

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